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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recycled Glass and Samurai

China Sea
I was meditating on my bin of recycled glass beads (I do this) from Happy Mango, and thought, "What about a square beadcap on a disc bead?" It was an intriguing question, so I made some. I tested out sizes with cardboard and then cut them from copper with my snips and etched them. This is the upshot. This pair is made with some large disc beads--they're about 18mm across and about 8mm thick. I LOVE this color. It's like the Caribbean, or a high glacial lake.
They feel vaguely Asian to me, although that was not my intention (this happens frequently.) I think I was a Samurai in a former life. Which explains a lot.
Blueberries and Plums in Asia
I made the pair above with some medium-sized recycled glass buttons, also from Happy Mango. I'm not usually a fan of blue, but I love this color in the glass. So icy. Like me. I decided to be bold and combine it with some purple--the other beads are Czech glass.
I made four sets of these rectangular caps. Another pair will go with some sea green buttons (same color as the first pair) and I think the other set will go with a couple pendants using large buttons.

And on that note, I bid you good night.


  1. Oh my, I'm loving these etches square bead caps. They really compliment the glass beads, and they do have an asian vibe. Lovely!!!

  2. Love seeing all your explorations with the etched pieces! These square designs with the recycled glass are gorgeous.

  3. Love your etched square bead caps what a great idea for rondels or button beads and that sea green colour is wonderful!

  4. Those bead caps are incredible - and I love those beads! They look absolutely edible!

    BTW- You take some amazing photos...

  5. All right. I am officially in love with the earrings. Both pairs. So eye catching and unique.

  6. Thank you so much for sharing you beautiful artistry and talent with us. It inspires me so.

  7. I LOVE the square cap on top of the recycled glass beads!!! The swirly elegance of your etched cap holding onto the funky organic glass...yummy.
    Thanks for sharing~~your creativity and humor are a treat~