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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Metal Experiments, and New Components in the Shop

I did up a small assortment of bails recently, in copper, thinking they would be used with ribbon. I wanted to use them myself first, to see how they would work. These are a couple finished pieces.
Jade Dynasty Pendant
This one includes recycled sari silk in "curry" from Mudhound Studio on Etsy, and a pair of my lily cones. This large, carved jade pendant actually came from Michael's and I just love it! With faceted red agate and olive green glass accents, with my beadcaps.

This pendant bail below was designed around these rectangular pillows of fossil agate from Happy Mango Beads. I decided to do a rectangular bail to echo the shape, and stamped it with assorted flower shapes that reminded me of the fireworks/dandelion patterns in the agate.
I combined it with golden-buff deerskin lace, a "dragon eye" lampwork bead from Kelley Wenzel, and lots more copper! I slid some experimental tube beads I had made onto the leather. Funky ladder chain from Chain Gallery.

I also took one of my flower toggle clasps and made a bangle-style bracelet:
Flower of Britain
The flower has been textured with a large British half crown coin.

All of the copper elements (except for the tack-rivet) made by me!!

And then I added a bunch of charms to the shop, and some bails and cones.

Terra Cotta Heart

Eucalyptus in verdigris

Large Ribbon Bail

Lily End Cones with Mexican Coin Texture
Rustic Verdigris Heart
And a pile more...


  1. Insuperabile! Sei sempre il massimo!!!

  2. So beautiful Keirstten! It looks like someone has already swooped many of the up already.

  3. Your designs are stunning!!! I was lucky enough to snag a few of your components today!!!! Yay for me!

  4. Those are stunning! I especially like the - very unique.

  5. Wow, wow, wow! Simply spectacular. You are so creative and inventive.

  6. Wow, if I had, like, 10% of your skill and design sense, I could die happy. I'm especially in love with the "Jade Dynasty" pendant. <3

    Btw, I did buy a torch after all, and I'm not regretting it one bit. Being able to anneal my metal makes my life so much easier. Thanks so much for the tip on the home-made "pickle" too, worked like a charm and my copper came out super shiny - only to promptly be be patinaed? Patinated? Is that a word? But I can hard-solder now, and maybe dabble into torch fired enamel ... Nope, I don't regret buying that torch at all. =D

    Anyhow, I was wondering if you'd maybe share what gauge you use for your sheet metal? I want to order some, but I didn't expect there to be so many different gauges and now I'm at a loss what to get.


  7. You are really great, your work is really sensational .... compliments...!!!

  8. Amazing! The bangle is really brilliant!

  9. I absolutely love the jade necklace. The shapes you used perfectly compliment each other. The stamping enhances it all.

  10. I check your blog EVERY day. The thrill it gives me to see a new post and new art! You have been a big inspiration to me lately. I love using my coin collection to texture metal and your rosettes will be popping up on my designs, too. I found you just following one jewelry blog to another and I'm so glad I did. Thanks for sharing what you do.

    1. Aw, thank you Kris! And welcome! So glad I could provide some useful input! (I am indeed an irregular blogger, alas...) I am the same way--every day I take something exciting away from other artists' work that seems to push me in new directions. It's a great community!

  11. Gorgeous, gorgeous work! I think that the bails would look beautiful on multi-strand beaded necklaces, too. There's something about seed beads and copper that's stunning. :)

  12. These are all absolutely gorgeous!

  13. Love your wrapped rivets look! How inspiring :D