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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I Think I'm Going to Keep the Wild Hare

I am again having a more-productive-than-usual weekend. I've made two bracelets and two pair of earrings and it isn't even midnight yet on Sunday. And I even fit in a visit with Mom, some errands, and vacuuming on top of it yesterday. I used my first bugbog seed. Very proud of that. They have the most perfect, smooth finish, but they still look like the natural element they are. They are a lovely, pale shade of dove gray. And whaddayaknow, they matched (matchingness!! KJ, there's something so satisfying about it, isn't there?) my lampwork spacers from Beingbeads perfectly! So of course I had to put them together in a bracelet, with matching deerskin lacing in chestnut. Here it is:

"Riding My Chestnut Horse Under a Cloudy Sky with My Heart on My Sleeve."

Then I was putting together another bracelet (the one below), when I accidentally gazed upon the lovely pair of copper kidney earwires I had gotten from Missficklemedia with the little sky blue bead on them, and then my eyes moved from there and accidentally ended up on one of these blown glass beads below, and I thought--"THAT would look really cool with THAT! And THAT! So I changed gears and quickly put THAT, THAT and THAT together and there they are below:

Blown Glass in Azure and Sea Green with Copper
I then resumed work on the bracelet (way) below, which meant making some more components, antiquing them and tumbling them. So while I waited for the tumbler to do its thing, I made these earrings too, which had been waiting on my work bench:

Lampwork glass by Beingbeads (again) on Etsy, in mauve, grape and fuchsia, with that fascinating snakeskin pattern. The "scales" are outlined in little filaments of vivid goldenrod, which sort of pick up the "Picasso" treatment on the little blush beads on the earwires. More accidental matchingness!! The Matching Fairy is with me today.

Totally Girly Snakeskin Earrings
And then finally I was able to finish the bracelet below.

Tough Girl Copper and Brass Bracelet

I had made these rings in the car last summer, and had been wanting to use them in something composed entirely of metal. I got crazy and wrapped some of the copper rings with brass wire. I left the brass rings as is. I look tough with it on. Probably throw it in the tumbler one more time for high shine.

Phew. Time for dinner.


  1. Wonderful pieces! I just love BeingBeads on etsy...I may have found her through you, she does awesome work and you made them even better!
    The last bracelet was worth waiting for and the toggle super cool!

  2. Oh, man... Miss Keirsten! That last bracelet is DA BOMB! I am sniggering here that you made it in your car but only because my car is not equipped with a rolling metal forging studio. That is such a great design. How long before you make something like it? (Hint, hint). And those earrings are spectacular!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Help - what on earth is a bugbog seed?????
    Your wild hare is really dancing with you. And the Tough Girl bracelet is gorgeous. GORGEOUS!

  4. You ROCK, girl! Love the bracelets, especially. You might even have to name that rabbit!

  5. Fun stuff! You were on a roll~~and I love what you created. Personal favorite: the first bracelet and earrings. Made my eyes perk up this early Monday morning. Have the best week, you crazy gal~

  6. I don't actually know what a "bugbog" seed is, that's how it was named on Beads and Pieces (where I got these). I've been a little afraid to look it up. I try not to know too much about such things.

  7. Holy productivity Batman! Awesomeness all around :)