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Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting All Happy With Color

Taupe is too hard to photograph enticingly so I am turning to color instead. More eye-catching on the Etsy new listings page. I've been drawn lately to vivid colors (maybe it's the shorter days here in the north and knowing that gray will be settling in soon for the next several months). I eked these out this weekend (I am apparently doomed to be a low-volume producer--I could never do this for a living unless I got FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each piece.) I make about the same hourly wage doing this as a small child in Cambodia.

This bracelet was inspired by a bracelet Lorelei Eurto did some time ago in pinks and oranges, and missile pops.

I did this one just to do something in copper, and I love that rhyolite.

I did this one to indulge my new color thing. Kind of looks like someone raided a raven's hoard and made a bracelet out of it (this is a good thing--human/avian art collaboration). I call it "Carny Girl."

More bracelets to come (my shop is pendant-heavy right now), and then hopefully earrings.


  1. Love your foray into color! The pink/orange bracelet is especially lovely. And yeah, when people ask me when I'm quitting my regular job to do jewelry full time, I just fall over laughing. Then I remind them that I need actualy money for things like, ya know, food and stuff.

  2. I do like the Carny Girl! That first one looks like a tropical sunset to me. So lovely. Great colors you are picking! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Wow, I love all of that colour! Nice combinations. These would definitely chase away a gloomy day for me.

  4. I am immediately drawn to the green and copper and my eye keeps going to the green. It is soooo dry here - brown lawns, dust dead leaves. Now if I can only get you to send rain to go with the green!