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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Piggybacking on African Genius

I was just knocked out by these Ghanaian leaf medallions in brass/copper at Happy Mango Beads. I love stuff like that--rustic, luminous, earthy, sensuous, a little wild. The selection of these Ghanaian cast metal beads was stupendous--lots more stuff on my wishlist. One of the things I like best about them is that they're so stunning you don't need any talent or imagination to make something really gorgeous with them. String them on some used dental floss and they're still magnificent. The gold pearls were sort of a no-brainer--I'm always looking for no-brainers in order to conserve intelligence for other things, like remembering where my keys are. I thought the plummy garnets would cool the piece down nicely, so that's all I had to think about. For more information on this piece, or to purchase, click HERE.

I wanted to do another piece that featured the medallions more strongly, so I used three of them in the necklace below. Again, the bronze pearls were a no-brainer, and the "oil slick" crow beads were kind of in the same texture family. Again, no brain strain. For more information on this piece, or to purchase, click HERE.

OK, now I'm off to do more brainless stuff, like watch golf on TV and play with my hair.


  1. I like these leaf beads. Very chunky and funky. Hey, that rhymes! Anyway, I think you must have used up some of that brain juice on these. They look fabulous! Much better than used dental floss.

  2. Those necklaces are just so nice, Keirsten, not sure you'll obtain the same with dental floss... I do love the color of your links, are they bronze ?

    Have a nice day,


  3. bravo!! its very cute !! love de big pendants..;and the pearls!!!!wowwwww