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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Mango Beads--A Happy I Can Live With

I am quickly becoming a rabid fan of Happy Mango Beads. Of course they sent me an email yesterday about their 20% off pewter pendant sale, knowing full well that it's their pewter pendants that sucked me in. I think that email was directed at me personally, and they figured if they caught a few more fish in their little net it would just be gravy. And it worked. I was reminding myself as I drifted off to sleep last night, "Go to Happy Mango tomorrow. Go to Happy Mango tomorrow." It's my new happy place. Well, actually it's my first happy place. I've never had a happy place before. Tried to find one, couldn't. (Made therapy problematic).

Here is an assortment of pendants I just bought at the 20% off sale, and a few I bought before. I haven't made anything with them yet, I'm sort of hoarding them. Whatever I make is going to have to be REALLY REALLY special. Which means it will take me three days of shuffling beads around (per pendant), staring at them, changing them, changing them back, more staring, putting them all away and starting over with other stuff and then deciding the first thing I had going was better and hauling all that out again. More staring. Some minor pointless changes. Mild anxiety. Some Klonopin. Maybe a brief spate of weeping. And then some tough love self-talk, "Oh for f$%&k's sake Keirsten, just put something together. Someone will like it." Do that, look at it critically, say "Eh."

So here they are, most of them--apparently Blogger has a per-post image limit and I hit it (sale is for a week, hurry!!!):

Tuareg Ring (is this not the coolest)
Tuareg Cross
Maori symbol (probably should find out what it means)
Squash Blossom
Fire Goddess

Good God, did I really buy all this stuff? Apparently I believe I'm going to be in business for several years.

Ethiopian Coptic Cross
Celtic Knotwork
Cambodian Spirit Lock (I don't know what that means but I probably need one)

Holy crap, there's even more. No wonder there's no money in my PayPal account.

Balinese Shield
Ashanti Cross
African Shield

Yes, I bought ALL of these (for ridiculously low prices, and FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS, $15 minimum order). Plus three more I couldn't fit in here, and I bought two of the brass Ethiopian Coptic Crosses. Getting ready for Christmas shopping season, don't you know. Not to mention all the other stuff I bought from Happy M--bone and wood beads, recycled glass, etc. I am choosing to believe the Great GREAT Depression will not start before I can unload all the finished products (several years from now, because I didn't mention the 30 gemstone pendants I bought for even more ridiculous prices from GemMall--sorry, you missed that sale by like, weeks). And I figure if the Great Great Depression comes before I can turn this stuff into wearable jewelry I will have lots of trinkets to trade for soap and firewood and I won't have to use sex to get that stuff which would be bad because antibiotics would be like GOLD during the Great Great Depression. You'd have to know someone. The only doctor I know is an ophthalmologist and we don't talk anymore.

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