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Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Dune Queen

I've always been drawn to the desert. I loved the barren, arid expanses of southern California, soaked up the searing heat in Egypt like a lizard, and wanted to wander off into the hills in Tucson and never come back. The design for this necklace has been on my mind for several months--sand, sun, heat and golden treasures. I was finally able to bring it to life last week. For more details on this item click here.

I just know I was a queen of some desert kingdom in a former life--I feel so at home in desert climates. Or an empress. At least a princess. Definitely not, like, a beggar or a prostitute or a peasant or something like that. Well, maybe a consort or a concubine. To an emperor. The top concubine. But not some street walker.

The sun is out today here in northwest Montana, for a change, and I can feel summer just over the horizon. Soon we'll be splashing happily in the numbingly frigid waters of Flathead Lake, basking in the long month of summer. Can't wait.

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