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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yes, I Do Actually Still Make Jewelry

Sometimes you just can't see it because it's going straight to Italy. Or to my Mom's house.
The Celtic Abbess
This one is a custom creation for my good friend and customer in Italy (the only person I do custom work for, so don't get any ideas. What can I say, she's special). It was a collaboration, based on an old design of mine that morphed into something different. I created the medallion from 26 gauge sterling silver sheet, creating three stylized poppy blossoms, texturing them with foreign coins, and riveting them together. The stones include moss agate, prehnite, and quartz. The gorgeous "avocado" hand-dyed/sewn silk ribbon is from Jamn Glass.

I created this bracelet to go with it:
Sterling silver button from Cathy Dailey.

I created this bracelet to coordinate with a necklace that I made a LONG time ago that is finally finding a home. I used aragonite and apple jade (I'm not exactly sure what kind of stone that is, but the color assortment is definitely apples--well, apples and caramel apples):
I made the brass button myself--I made a bunch of them! In copper too. I can't wait to use them all.

(Here is the unloved necklace, with golden jade, from eons ago--re-antiqued, tumbled and lacquer-sealed):

And here is another of my etched, double-sided pendants colorized with gilder's paste:

A dragonfly! The little transparent teal glass beads are Indonesian, from Happy Mango Beads. The three big black and teal beads are long-hoarded lampwork by Kelley Wenzel. I have a few more that I am still hoarding. This is the first design that seemed worthy of them! I touch them regularly. I made some ladder chain for it, I haven't done that in a while.

The pendant is reversible, there are different patterns with similar coloration on the other side:

This li'l dragonfly is going to live with my Mommy.

This pendant was made to coordinate with a bracelet from my shop (etched brass pendants by me):

I am in LOVE with these lampwork beads. They are from Lampwork by Amy. Amy lives in Canada. They're like confetti inside!! She has more like this in her shop and I WANT THEM. And I want all the other stuff in her shop. Except maybe the cremains beads. Not those. I'm like a dragon with gold. Sleeping on a big fat pile of lampwork beads. Or like a crack ho'.

Look at them:
"Straw Fire"
Just look at them. I want to re-buy them now.


  1. Well, I'm glad you at least let us have a taste before favoring Italy! Loving your brass work...and I don't know why that necklace was unloved.

  2. Oh my...where do I begin? The beginning - that first necklace is absolutely fabulous! Love the sterling pendant - but the bead choices are so yummy! Love the color of the linen cord (just guessing that it is cording) is perfect on your apple-themed bracelet with that cool hand-made button! Love this eye candy on a Sunday morning!

  3. Quando penso che non ci sia più niente da inventare, guardo il tuo blog e scopro che hai fatto cose nuovissime e sempre più belle. Sei l'essenza della creatività!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. beautiful dragonfly that .. full of colors seems to fly! I follow always very silent, but every time I remain in awe .. congratulations you're a great artist!

  5. Love your jewelry! Hey, I also love your blog background. I recently moved to WordPress and they have nothing as pretty. These are my favorite colors!

    Ok, enough stalking for one day....?


    1. Thank you Laurel! This blog background is from Hot Bliggity Blog (unaffiliated with Blogger as far as I know)--I never paid attention but their backgrounds might be compatible with Wordpress too? Pop over and see, maybe you can use one of them! They're super easy to install.

  6. Love everything on this post. I have said this before I will say it again your attention to detail and craftsmanship is amazing. When I look at those hearts in your necklace its hard to believe they are all cold connections, if you have ever thought about teaching you really do have something unique to offer.
    Amy does beautiful work as well, I'm sure I will see her at the fritaholics meeting. (only lampworkers may get that last one)

    1. Thank you Anne!! I love cold connections. I hope to master making rivets from plain wire one day, I cheat with premade! Please give my regards to Amy!

  7. I so love the combinations in your pieces. Great colors, shapes, materials. And Amy, she was the first lampwork artist I found on Etsy, and I too love her beads. The first time I saw those Straw Fire ones, they disappeared by the time I had decided I needed to HAVE them. Perhaps you snapped them up.

    So loved seeing a selection of your work. Thanks for sharing, Andrea

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Andrea! (I did see another set of the straw fire beads in Amy's shop the other day--I wanted to buy them too!)