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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Flower Child

Spring must be drawing nigh, because I just keep making these flower beadcaps...I have fuchsias on the brain!

With swirling berry lampwork from BeingBeads:
Berry Blossoms
With icy blue Czech orbs and pearls:
Ice Blossoms
With minty aventurine and Czech glass in "prairie green":
Minty Blossoms
With Czech glass in semi-mirrored copper, with copper pearls:
New Penny Blossoms
With more lampwork by BeingBeads in delicious cobalt and kelly green:
Cobalt Blossoms
With big fat roundels of glowing, milky opalite!
Glowing Blossoms
I have some flower caps in gunmetal-finish nickel ready to go too...Maybe tonight! "Rustic Blossoms."


  1. Those first fuschia really are a juicy color. They look like if you squeeze them just the right way they will burst! I love these bead caps. You are so clever!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. They are delicious.
    The other aspect,
    congratulations and good day,
    a kiss.

  3. Mamma mia! Ogni volta, Keirsten, mi lasci a bocca aperta! Sono meravigliose!!!!!!!

  4. love all these, Keirsten...you are rockin' those bead caps!

  5. I love your bead caps and your earrings and your style!