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Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Golden Hoard

As opposed to The Golden Horde, a Mongol and later Turkicized khanate that was established in the 13th century and formed the north-western sector of the Mongol Empire.

In this case, it's a strand of pearls, in mingled antiqued copper and old gold, that I've been hoarding forever. I think I used one in a bracelet once.

I've combined them with beads from another couple strands I've largely been hoarding (I think I made a pendant with them in 2009), of azure kyanite spears. I'm in love with both these elements! The pearls are rustic in the extreme; they range in color from old gold to almost dark persimmon, in shapes reminiscent of spilled molten metal--as if they were spewed from a forge and cooled where they lay, with the sooty evidence of their origin collecting in folds and fissures. These kyanite have lovely schiller, like each is home to a tiny, cool flame that lights it from within. They're a lovely melange of viridian and cerulean--two of my favorite colors, and words!

I started out with one of my flower clasps, intent on turning it into something wearable. I originally had very different plans for it, but when I thought of these pearls I had to use them. The clasp fastens underneath the flower itself, making it largely invisible. (I photographed it on my old plank washed up on the shores of Flathead Lake--I drill and hammer on it, and generally use it as a lap-desk. I made all those little holes myself.)
I designed it to be worn with the clasp to the side. I am really stuck on this configuration right now, I think the clasp reminds me of a corsage.


  1. Such a pretty color combination! REALLY LOVE the kyanite color and shape. -carolyn

  2. What a poetic description - which is only appropriate for such a poetic necklace!
    Wishing you a most wonderful 2012, Keirsten!

  3. Tu sei un pozzi d'ispirazione, apro il tuo blog e i miei occhi si illuminano, le mie mani non si trattengono dalla frenesia di provare a copiare tutto! Sei fantastica! Voirrei tanto sapere dove riesci a trovare quei rivetti o chiodini con cui fissi i fiori, dalle mie parti (Italy) non riesco a trovarli, cavolo!
    Complimenti come sempre!!!!!!!

  4. It's really beautiful, It sits so elegantly on the neck

  5. It's stunning! You really hit the mark with the corsage style clasp, very elegant!

  6. This piece is GORGEOUS!!!!! Love the elements, love the explanation, love the finished work~~~Just delicious.

  7. Your necklace is amazing! I love the way you combined the materials, and I'm totally in love with your flower clasp -- especially the way you put it on the side.

    Great job!

    -- Sarah

  8. Wowza. That is a stunner, Miss Kiersten. I like how you think. And I like your hoard.
    Enjoy the day!

  9. While I love the combo you used in that necklace, I am floored by that awesome clasp!

  10. The description and necklace are both GORGEOUS!!!

  11. Carissima Keirsten, ti prego di visitare il mio blog http://shabbyandbeyond.blogspot.com/
    perchè ho realizzato un post ispirato propriuo a questi fiori meravigliosi. Spero non ti dispiaccia... fammi sapere cosa ne pensi!)