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Friday, December 30, 2011

Biting the Bullet

Goodness, I'm spastic tonight. Disregard any indecipherable blurb you might have just seen. Not sure what I did.

Anyway, the necklace below came about because I made myself do it. More and more I find myself not wanting to make anything. I enjoy cutting out metal and pounding it and turning it into things, but the process of incorporating it into an actual piece of jewelry seems more and more tiring. I suppose it's a combination of getting older, day job burnout, and letting my physical fitness slide. And vegetating doesn't make me particularly happy so I should probably just suck it up and and put something together. It's not like I don't have a list.

This was one of the flower clasps I made a couple months ago, this one with a double flower.

I knew I wanted to do something in blue with this clasp, and started out with some cornflower blue recycled glass from Happy Mango Beads. It just wasn't working for me so I dug around in the "Blue Gemstones" bucket and re-found this denim blue sponge coral. I was originally going to use some silk ribbon from Color Kissed Silk in "Ocean Pearl" (kind of pale denim and a sandy, pale yellow) but I eventually decided I didn't like that, although I wanted to keep the denim blue and butter scheme. I dug around in my lampwork stash for beads the same size as the coral and found these large lampwork roundels in kind of a toasted marshmallow color. They're by Pat at Being Beads. They're all knotted onto light denim blue Irish waxed linen cord from White Clover Kiln. In lieu of the ribbon, I decided to use some of my new copper ball chain from Chain Gallery, with the very handy little ball chain connectors they sell. Very excited to find that the holes in the connectors are big enough for a decently sturdy gauge of wire. I think I got some 18 gauge through there.

I have a whole bag of finished charms, focals and clasps that I want to turn into finished jewelry but it seems I prefer to lie around. Working fewer hours at my day job might help, but then I'd probably just lie around more. I need a personal jewelry trainer. A Jillian Michaels to come yell at me when I start to nod off on the couch. Speaking of which, time for bed!

P.S. I made these other things too:

Antique copper cocoons (based on a design by Kharisma Ryantori of Popnicute) and clear AB finish Czech glass teardrops:


  1. love that necklace - those flowers are amazing!

  2. Maybe you just need a break - sometimes it is necessary. You have been making lovely pieces, for all the talk of being a couch potato...
    Wishing you a great New Year!

  3. Relax, regroup and do a short Van Winkle (sleep past your regular rise-time). When you're this "bleh" you need a GOOD sleep, then a good session with pencil and paper. You know what's in your stash, don't look! Sit down at a window with a good view, hot cup of tea nearby, and imagine your beads and findings, think of the metal you want to form and start doodling. (notice I didn't saw "draw," that was on purpose.). Sometimes just doodling, letting your brain play, will break you out of that "bleh" state. Give yourself permission to just relax. It's ok. And we'll breathlessly await the results of your doodles. :-)

  4. Gorgeous necklace! Happy New Year!

  5. Golly I lOVE these! The earrings really float my personal boat. Thanks's for the Saturday morning eye-candy~~yummo.
    Hey, I so relate to burn out. The day job thing is important, but we need to not let it suck our energy, vision and soul! I do know that your mojo will return. Mine's finally resurfacing after months of hiding!
    Bless you darlin' gal. Your humor & honesty are a treat.

  6. You do beautiful work even when you don't want to! The necklace is to die for and the earrings are great too!

  7. Pffft! You during burnout is still better than me refreshed! You'll get your full speed groove back soon enough I'm sure :)

  8. Love all your work. You don't show enough of your own work! Maybe this year we could see more. Dang I am pushy.

  9. Oh, I know the feeling. I've been off since the 22nd, and the only jewelry I've made was for gifts, or because a friend was over and insisted on a quick pair of earrings. I thought for sure I'd be a non stop jewelry machine. But instead, I've been spending ridiculous amounts of times playing Zelda Skyward Sword.

    You got great results with what you did do. It's so hard though when you're just not feeling it...