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Saturday, June 4, 2011

So Impressed I Have to Blog It

Whenever I discover a shop or site that goes above and beyond with customer service, I have to talk about it! Ambition, energy and excellence are so invigorating, and I think it should be rewarded with more business. It naturally creates word of mouth!

This Etsy seller from Singapore knocked my socks off! If you need buttons, head on over to Shop4craft!! I posted a while back about my haul of wooden buttons--I got them the other day and was so impressed with my experience with this shop I wanted to tell you about it.

First, I ordered my buttons on a Friday afternoon. Shortly after that (like a few hours), I got a cheerful and friendly convo from Shop4craft letting me know it was currently the weekend in Singapore, so my buttons would ship on Monday. (Wow!) I then got a shipping notification (cheerful and friendly!) on Monday. My buttons came earlier this week. I was utterly charmed!

First, each set was carefully packaged in darling little individual padded envelopes (9 of them!), each tied with jute string and carefully wrapped in bubble wrap:

Not only that, there was a little thank you note inside with my name on the envelope!
The ninth envelope contained a set of thank-you-gift buttons (the butterfly ones below), and the buttons were all absolutely lovely!
The shop itself is very professional--great photos, perfect English, careful descriptions. My items were just as pictured (better even!). They also have metal, acrylic/plastic and coconut shell buttons, along with some mixed sets, and a small assortment of printed ribbons. The coconut shell buttons are especially lovely--look at this!:
I think I'll have to order from them again soon....(It's also a great reminder of how that extra effort in customer service creates loyalty and word of mouth business.)

On top of all that, the prices are amazingly affordable--but it was the customer service that really knocked me out. Of course shipping takes a bit longer because of the distance and customs, but it was worth the short wait! If you need some unusual buttons for your jewelry or other projects, check them out!!!


  1. Thanks for the info - the photos are great, I'll check them out!

  2. Awesome!! They've got some super great buttons, already favorited some of them! Thanks for the heads up, always love to discover great shops! Still can only post as anonymous! Will they ever fix that! KristiBowmanDesign

  3. Yeah, I'm reluctant to order from overseas, so it's good to hear positive feedback on them!

  4. Thanks for sharing, Keirsten - the beads are really amazing (and the packaging too!). :-)
    P.S. I just noticed that little "Lurker" thingee on your sidebar - never saw that one before and I think it's great!

  5. I love packaging -- I think it's so important! And awesome for giving a shout out to an overseas shop.

  6. Thanks for sharing....Super customer service. I suppose a good example for us all. Enjoy your beautiful beads.

  7. Hello, my name is Lilly and I find your blog just now. Congratulations, you create things really beautiful and original ... A hug from Italy '

  8. It's nice to hear things like this! My customer service is nowhere near as good. I need to work on making it better in a more affordable way. I try to use recycled materials when shipping to minimize the cost on the environment, but maybe it's not enough...
    On my way to check out the page!!

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  10. The point of this post is 1) a thank you to the seller for great service and 2) CUSTOMER SERVICE PRINCIPLES: personalized attention, prompt friendly communication, conscientious updates on order status, and effort at presentation. This was not a mandate to cut down trees or dictate packaging materials. How you package your goods is your choice.