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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Button Fever

And I am Patient Zero. It is spread visually, so look at the following pictures at your own risk.

The fever was at its peak on Friday afternoon, and I was delirious. In an idle moment I did a search for "wooden buttons" on Etsy and the following things ended up in my cart:

Owl Eye Buttons
Round "hump" button
Small wood button
Flower buttons

(Yes there's more.)
Square in circle buttons
Monkey eye buttons (a propos, no?)
Double curve buttons
Funny eye buttons (I didn't name these).
All of the above from Shop4Craft on Etsy.

Shall we continue?
Rosewood Color Flowers
Stacked squares

Wavy Japanese style buttons
Plain buttons
The last four are from Lyanwood on Etsy.

As far as I can tell, more of all of these buttons are available in these shops. I tried to put links on all the captions for you but halfway through that process Blogger decided that the URL for the photo was the caption link and I could not, in fact, have any other link. POS.

I think I've hit my picture limit so I won't show you the mother of pearl buttons I got (later). These buttons above were all fantastically affordable so I bought LOTS. (You want to spread around the shipping costs you know.) (But now I'm seeing I should have got more lighter color buttons--good thing they have those). Unfortunately one of the sellers is from Hong Kong and the other is from Singapore, so I have to WAIT to get them. Shop4craft even convoed me to let me know that when I ordered them on Friday it was currently the weekend there so they wouldn't ship until the following Monday. How's THAT for on-top-of-it customer service? Most excellent.


  1. Those top ones DO look like owl eyes! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  2. wow those are cool! can't wait to see what great designs you create.

  3. Holy cow, you were out of control! Can't wait to see what you do with all these beauties

  4. When you shop....you really shop! No point doing things by half measure, right?! LOL
    I am interested to see what you will be doing with this gorgeous pile.