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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Recycled Glass and Sophia the Hand Model

A new novel by Tom Robbins.

Ha ha. Not really.

It's what I did this weekend. I turned this (the white one)

into this
I call her "Sophia." My inspiration was Sophia Loren. I mixed up craft paint in raw sienna, avacado, and white. And then I gave her a french manicure.

And then the rest of the time I was trying to finish this set below--I wanted to list them together, in case somebody wanted a whole set. I started it middle of last week actually, but then I ran out of copper bowls and beadcaps, and Sophia wasn't ready yet for her debut. Finally it all came together today. Phew. And I even got my magazine submission out the door yesterday. Now I actually feel like resting!

Here is the necklace:

 Modeled by the lovely Alfre:

And the bracelet:
Modeled by the lovely Sophia:

And the earrings:

Sophia will definitely come in handy when I start making rings. I bought a tute on making dangle rings, and a steel ring mandrel. I have so many little roundels and pearls and tiny gemstones, I thought it would be a fun way to use them up. I could even make them in the car!!!

Recycled glass from Happy Mango Beads; coffee-colored howlite (luuuurrrve that) from Eightjewelry on Etsy; Red creek jasper from Soulfireartisan on Etsy; Green turquoise from Fire Mountain Gems (and some locally).


  1. I continue to be fascinated by these disc/button pieces you create!! Just gorgeous.
    Great work on the hand too!

  2. Love these pieces Keirsten and Sophie wears it well! Now...if you could just patent an everlasting manicure that survives metal and clay working, I will be truly in awe ! :0)

  3. most excellent work on sophia! looks great...
    have fun with the rings - they are very addicting (said the woman who committed to the ring a week flickr group!)

  4. I love that necklace! Simply gorgeous!

    Silver MLM

  5. amazing necklace! love the models too