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Monday, April 26, 2010

Somebody Spank Me

Because I've been a very knotty girl. Twice.

Brown knotted waxed linen with glass, wood, assorted gemstones, pewter and silver plated accents. Hand-formed sterling silver hook and eye clasp. I got carried away again so it's a little longer (8.5"), just right for a 7" wrist or larger.

I just kept going since all the beads were out and lying around already. I didn't feel like putting them away. Especially since I hurt my back.

Lead-free pewter Ashanti style cross pendant. A little shorter than 19" long. Also knotted brown waxed linen. I didn't really feel like choosing a color scheme so I just used them all.

I was going to knot this last one, but the holes in the tourmaline were so small I would have had to use very fine silk, and I figured the copper heishi would slip right over the knots, so I strung it instead. So I'm knotty AND strung out. Just like Lindsay Lohan except with more to show for it. Handmade Tibetan copper and brass coin pendant (made by those Tibetan refugees living in Nepal), little tourmaline rounds, and some larger moss agate rounds near the pendant. Brass and copper heishi. It's about 17" long.

That's all I had in me today, a mental health day off from work. Actually I did the bracelet last week. So it was a two-pendant day. I was moving a little slower because I hurt my back this morning bending over to pick up a bead pole dancing. That's right, Monday morning pole dancing. That's where I get my coffee money for the week.


  1. *grinning*
    Those are all lovely. I like the mixture of all the colors. And that Tibetan coin is really a special piece. Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh, oh, I just love how spontaneous all of these colours feel and how well they work together. Take care of your back. Nothing worse than back pain and troubles.

  3. Love the colour combinations!!! And those heishi in there.
    Take care of your back - it would be a shame if you couldn't afford coffee next week. "wicked grin"

  4. They are both gorgeous Keirsten, a bit different of your traditional colours. Love the way you combined all sort of beads in the first one. And the pendants, so beautiful !

  5. love the first one!! lot of colors and materials!! gorgeous!!

  6. ok, you know I don't/can't wear necklaces, but I just love the one with the Ashanti cross and want to buy it so badly. LOVE all the colors in it!

    no more pole dancing for you