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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inspiration Is a Lethargic and Dawdling Mistress

It has taken her nearly three months to provide me with a design for Kelley Wenzel's fabulous aqua lampwork nugget beads. They've been sitting on my Japanese-style glass top work bench since early February, within easy reach for fondling and thought experiments regarding how they might be best displayed. For a few weeks I was thinking of doing a variation on the tried and true turquoise-and-coral Southwest tradition, but with glass and carnelian instead. Then I got this fabu pewter pendant from Happy Mango Beads and the muse grabbed me by the throat. And this is what I coughed up:

Also a little red agate, one little dark red seed bead, a scattering of glass tile beads in aqua, and silver accents.

The rest of my hoard from Kelley's Beads sits forlorn on the work bench, awaiting their turn. I do pet them from time to time, so they don't lose hope. I'm kind of counting on Happy Mango to give me another jump start. Some more pewter pendants are sitting in close proximity to them on the bench, so I'm hoping they'll migrate towards each other and spontaneously merge into something divine.


  1. "...migrate towards each other and spontaneously merge into something divine."
    Now why am I thinking osmosis???? Must be the sheer blueness of those beads. Lovely piece!

  2. She is quite fickle is she not? I have beads from three years ago waiting their turn. I need to turn my filters on when it comes to spotting new things. It takes me forever to tickle them into something great. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful piece! Well worth the wait. Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Why Renate, osmosis was EXACTLY what I had in mind. I've hoped for osmosis to happen in countless areas of my life. Sadly, it has not.

  4. Yes, Erin, "tickle." That's a good word. Tickle and tease. I don't have any filters either. The only thing that would work is for somebody to take my money.