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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Color Inspiration!

I've really been knocked out by the copper pieces Esther of Mes Illusions Baroques and Mary Jane of Maire Dodd have been doing, with lots of rosy tones, peaches and lavenders, so I decided to haul myself out of the green-and-copper rut. Rifled through my bead stash and found some stuff I forgot I had bought (hmm, bead "blackouts", might have a problem)--really loved this peach aventurine (I got at a 75% off going-out-of-the-bead-part-of-our-business sale) with the copper, and then just had to stick the garnets in there. Couldn't bear to leave any unadorned links. I've really loved the purple-pink-peach-copper palette so many other artist bloggers are doing, HAD TO COPY IT!!! I really hate wrapping briolettes, so this was my desensitization therapy. I wrapped 8 of the little bastards. Rule No. 1: Always use a mini vise. Unless you have three arms. (But from what I've seen, third appendages tend to be more decorative than functional. Even if you have three arms you'll probably still need a vise.)

Made the chain yesterday while I was pretending to watch football (go Griz) with the BF and his offspring. It's like knitting. Except with a hammer.

OK, off to make earrings to go with this before my brio-wrapping-aversion reasserts itself.


  1. this is gorgeous! i really love your wire work... and the colors here are wonderful - the peach with copper is divine and the garnet added in looks awesome... you would never ever know that you have an aversion to wirewrapping - you do a beautiful job! and i had never thought about a mini vise...

  2. thanks! the mini vise makes all the difference with wrapping pendants and briolettes. it's the difference between cussing and not cussing. it's really slick! mine is tiny. where did I get it....? hmm. online I know. I think I just googled "mini vise" and bought the best deal. It was $7 or $8 + shipping. It only opens to about 1 and 1/2" and it will only mount on a really skinny table top, like not more than 1". perfect for jewelry and doesn't take up much room. easy to take with you!

  3. A mini vise sounds like a wish list thing for me!
    I love the chain...and those colors are so lovely together. Great stuff!
    Enjoy the day!

  4. Just beautiful...your wire work is perfection and I love the color combination.

  5. I'm just knocked out by your work. Lovely colors and wire wrapping!

  6. Also, adding: how do you use the mini-vise?

  7. I hold the briolette in it, or pendant or whatever I'm wrapping so both hands are free to wrap the wire. I just wrap the item in a cloth and put it in there and tighten er up. It's really hard to hold the brio with one hand and wrap with the other, plus I keep dropping it or it sort of slips around in my hand. I'll take a picture of it for you. It really was super cheap. Jewelry Supply! Ha. That's where I got it.