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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Seriously Juiced Up. For Real.

OK, as I told you, I recently decided I hated almost all the earrings in my shop. I deactivated all the lamest ones with the intention of, one by one, pumping up the juice. I was going to just riff off the palettes I already had, maybe recycle some stones or whatever, and just make them a little more intentional and artisanal looking.

(I'm SO enjoying the mind-numbing acoustic squalor pouring out of my neighbor's open garage door right now. It's like an aural rendition of the visual/olfactory squalor inside her house).

So here is my first pair of before-and-after earrings. All metalwork is done by MOI using sterling silver wire of various gauges.




I only ended up recycling the quartz ovals in this juicing. The coin pearls were too big, made it look like two big eyeballs. I'm not into eyeballs, freak me out. It took me literally about three hours to make these silly earrings. Maybe more--I made the hammered circles last night and oxidized them, then assembled the whole thing today. I don't usually do this kind of wire work and I'm a little awkward with it. I'm pretty stoked they turned out at all.

On to the next pair of lame earrings.


  1. Ok - you got me laughing at this one as I feel the same way with some of my "lame" earrings and you are inspiring me to "unlame" some of my designs. Love your new photo technique - you must share what you are doing to takee such great photos!

  2. In fact, this pair of earrings are more Keirsten than before, they are less "ordinaires" and more "style".

  3. More of Zog's musical stylings? I would suggest that you save your metal hammering for around 6am, preferably on your front porch :)
    The earrings look great, lots more personality!

  4. No, please, no eyeball earrings LOL! I love what you did to perk up these earrings (although I don't think I would go so far as to call the originals "lame.") Those hammered circles are yummy!