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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All Tarted Up With Nowhere to Go

I recently went through my shops and noted which items weren't really attracting any attention. This one wasn't, and I was dismayed by how anemic and pathetic it looked to me. Even the photo was bad:

I removed it and tarted it up and relisted it:

But alas, I think I probably missed the "summer" boat with this one. I tried to suggest the idea in my listing that it was actually a "winter" pendant (i.e., to wear during your mid-winter island getaway) but I'm thinking that probably isn't going to fly.

There are many other exemplars of my early work in my shop that are likewise anemic and pathetic and will have to be tarted up. Especially the earrings. I hate making earrings. Does anybody really buy earrings online? Maybe in multiples. 3-for-the-price-of-2? Half-price if purchased with coordinating necklace?

I have also had to go back and completely redo some of my early wire-wrapped pieces. Clearly I did these prior to purchasing my first pair of reading glasses or perhaps I was wearing mittens. Rather gratifying though to see how much my motor skills have improved. I've also quickly gotten over my aversion to wasting sterling wire, as my most crap-tastic pieces were of course done in silver. It's the cost of learning--learning curves are always a little expensive.


  1. You crack me up. Maybe that's what MY Etsy pieces need - a little more tarting up! I like what you did with the necklace, although I liked the original design, too. I wouldn't worry about the winter/summer thing too much - I can see someone wearing that year-round where I live (So Cal). We don't really have "winter" per se. We have fire season and drizzle season.

  2. Wearing mittens? Needing glasses? That is hilarious! I have bought earrings online! But if that is not your thing, then don't do it! Do what you love....
    As for the "tarted up" necklace...big improvement. I read on Michelle Ward's blog her challenge this summer to "riff" your own work...go back to an earlier piece and see what you can do now that you know so much more...I think that is exactly what you did and I like it...and think it really looks more like fall than summer to me anyway! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. I love the remake. You know, I don't see this as a seasonal piece at all. With all of that beautiful wood and those green accents, this is pretty much a year round piece. I'd wear it anytime. BTW, I buy earings online.

  4. Fantastic redesign! I like the changes you made.

    I buy earrings online, because I often can't find what I want anywhere else. I like the personalization you can get from hand-made crafters. For instance, I had been wanting mini-D20 earrings for years, couldn't find them anywhere, and didn't have a way of making them myself. Just this past year when I first joined etsy I finally found someone there who could make me a pair like I wanted.

    Also, your awesome wire-wrapping has inspired me to try a few new things. I shall have to experiment. Next month I'll also have to buy some more wire--I'm almost out.

  5. thanks! I think my pictures were all goofed up, Blogger did something weird with them. I made them smaller. thanks for the feedback on the earrings, I'm looking forward to taking my old ones and pumping up the juice. Better than starting from scratch!

  6. waw!! super look now!! it is better on this way, for sure... it happend to all of us Kriest.