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Monday, June 22, 2009

The New Lexicon--Brought to You by Robitussin

I've been fascinated by the charming pseudo-words that I am asked to duplicate when I leave comments on other Blogger blogs. I've been keeping track of the more useful-sounding ones. I've been tempted to look them up because they sure sound like real words. Feel free to start using them, we need some new ones anyway. For the sake of clarity, I have used each word below in a sentence.

SOUNT: variant of "sound" in the northern plains area of the United States.
"We hauled Ernie all the way from Bismarck in the trunk and I'll be damned if he didn't make no sount."

SINGESSE: the art of maintaining your poise even when you've just burnt your eyelashes off.
"The match fired in the darkness with the sudden aroma of burning hair; I casually patted out the flame with a studied singesse."

ROPHIE: Recreational smoking material made from hemp rope.
"Dude, pass me that rophie."

SWARAN: a brand of plastic wrap one uses when one is inebriated.
"Nodonthrowthataway. Thassstilgood. I'lleatthat. I'lleathattomorrow. Pussomeswaranwraponit."

SNOCHIN: Making out with a bad head cold.
"No way, Todd, I am so NOT snochin with you. Gross."

BLEAVA: One who believes, mostly in New England.
"You made a bleava outta me."

CROOD: in the California educational system, accepted variant of "crude", along with "krewd", "krud", "crewed", "krood" and others.
"Dude, that is so crood."

MINGSTO: specialty shop for old Chinese pottery.
"Don't worry about that vase, Charles; I'll just go to the mingsto and get another one."

REEPUS: from the Latin, species of icky male.
"He was a real Creepo reepus."

UNICLU: one step up from clueless.
"Yeah, he was a real uniclu, only knew how to do one thing."

LESHES: really REALLY yummy, in a naughty kind of way.
"Oh Tony, those leather boy shorts are positively LESHES."

This is the kind of thing that dextromethorphan and guaifenesin does to you--really makes you see the world in new ways. And dream about evil clowns and your third grade art teacher.


  1. Another laugh-out-loud post from my new favorite blogger. You are awesome.

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. I thought I was the only one mentally defining fake blogger words! Sadly I have not been keeping a list, maybe now I'll start. What was the game where you have to define the words and convince everyone you're telling the truth? Balderdash?

  3. Yep, Balderdash! Loved it. We used to just use a dictionary and take turns picking an obscure word. My favorite of all time was mundungus.