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Monday, May 15, 2017


What is it with me and anything shaped like a coin? (Except for actual coins?) Buttons activate some kind of primal gluttony in me for small, disc-shaped items. And then this happens:
And this:
Gray Skies
And even this:
Mother of Pearl
And then I just bought some more...I guess a button addiction is more economically sustainable than, say, a Faberge egg addiction.


  1. ha! well it is one pretty addiction :) lovely necklaces

  2. Oh, these are fab! I totally get it. I'm a huge fan of buttons too but don't even really sew. Yet, I'm compelled to collect and use them. You've done an outstanding job with these!

  3. Buttons NEVER looked so good! I need to look through my stash I think I might have a few of my ceramic ones leftover.I'd be happy to gift them to you because I know you'd make them look good!

    1. Thank you Shelley! I remember years ago seeing one of Lorelei Eurto's button pieces and thinking, hey now...I went through a mini-ceramic button binge a while back myself too, have a few left. If you discover some you truly don't want, I'd take 'em! You are too kind!