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Monday, June 1, 2015

The Bird and the Dragonfly

The Bird
I have my own stash of Czech, Mykonos and other fabulous goodies from Stinky Dog Beads--I have been hoarding these Czech bird and dragonfly coins, trying to think of a design that would really showcase them. They're a smaller size--perfect for a modest choker-length necklace, bold earrings, or a layered set of necklaces--but I wanted to make a giant pendant out of them. I swear I wracked my brain for weeks (but my brain wasn't working too good at the time so it wouldn't have normally taken that long) trying to think of how to construct a bead frame (never did that before) and hang the coin from the inside. When my brain started working again I came up with this design.

I combined the lovely persimmon-hued bird (with subtle greenish Picasso effect) with pale carnelian, ivory bone, poppy jasper, a little more Czech glass, and my oval link chain.
My Stinky Dog Coin Stash
I went with same design with a gorgeous green and lavender dragonfly bead, matching it up with white shell, faceted glass in deep amethyst, green opal, olive green snakeskin agate, and Czech glass roundels in olive and periwinkle.
The Dragonfly
I used the rest of my oval chain, and one of my poppy caps on the long agate spear.

I really like how they turned out!

I would love to turn the little yellow bird up there into a knotted choker, with silver and turquoise blue beads. It would be part of my Yellow Desensitization therapy (I seem to have a psychological aversion to canary-type yellow colors, and I am trying to overcome it.)

Stop by Stinky Dog Beads and check out the delectable offerings!


  1. Beautiful designs. I've been hoarding some of those dragonfly beads, too, but somehow missed the bird ones!

  2. I love your design. And I, too, am guilty of hoarding dragonfly coin beads... most dragonfly beads, really. I love the symbolism behind dragonflies.