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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Awesome Rusty Crap!!!

Look at this AWESOME rusty crap!!!! Mom and I went junk shopping today (I was so inspired by the recent repost of Sparrow Salvage's "How to Style Great Photo Backgrounds" blog post at Art Bead Scene, I had to get new props to go with my recent urge to make more rustic relic-y stuff.) Look at the giant gear!! That screwdriver thing! And that donut-y thing!!! And the bolts and nails and that CHAIN!!! Rust is nature's painting.

Look at this great tool, and how beat up it is. It looks like it came off the HMS Bounty! Look at that old wood!!! I love it so much.

This is more industrial looking stuff, except for maybe the shoe form and the fold-out ruler. I love that shoe thing!!! It's really heavy. I love the lettering on it. I am realizing I need red lava beads.

I love the rust on that bracket. I'm really hoping I can get the nuts off the bolts on that strap thing. I got one off, got my liquid wrench working!

This is the ring and lid off a wood stove, thankfully left outside in the weather to rust. Also an old bobbin and a textile spindle. And the shoe thing again.

Then these old books, I really like the one with the green cover. The blue one might be too bright. Maybe I'll have to leave it outside over the winter, haha! The old black one is full of tatty old papers that I think will come in handy.

And look at this ratty old sheet music ("The Bee"):

Everyone should have a giant corrugated metal M. Or W. And a webbed belt in Army Green (which might be a little bit unloved looking, so it might have to spend the winter outside.)

And a giant choppy broken machete thing. I am going to make photographic MAGIC with this.

And lastly, look at this magical stuff my Mom collected for me in her garden! Seed pods, grasses, birch bark, a feather, lichens and sticks. IT'S LIKE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!


  1. All this awesome stuff. What fun you must have had. The shoe thingy is my favorite! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

  2. Whooo Hoo what a great haul! My husband thinks I'm insane when I pick up stuff like this.

  3. fun stuff! I think you'd have pretty good luck w/ toning down the book cover by putting it in the back window of the car & letting the sun do its thing.Sparrow's post was pretty inspiring, wasn'tit?

  4. I love it all! When Rick and I go antique/junk hunting, I'm always thinking "how would this look as a prop"?

  5. Can't wait to see you get grungier... it's in your fiber I think.

  6. Oh what fun and lots of goodies! What are you going to do with the shoe thingy? It is a mandrel for sewing the sole to the upper of a childs shoe I think.. I have my Great Grandfathers from Norway. I was thinking of using it for a baby anvil.. Lee Anne

  7. Your excitement is palpable! What great fun! I would like to find more textured papers and books for my photos too. The set I use is 8 little leather bound copies with titles like "How to Have Character" and other kooky titles. I love them! Looking forward to your new styling! Enjoy the day. Erin