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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Use What You Have Part II

Still working my way through my stash. Nothing revolutionary here, just antiqued metal and pretty colors!

This first pair has a set of teal gear links from Karen Totten that I've been hoarding. Lampwork spacers in burnt pumpkin from The Spacer Shop, topped with little Hill Tribes sterling silver leafy caps.
Pumpkin Pie and Deep Blue Autumn Sky
I love violet with amber tones. These subdued beauties (that's how I like to think of my beauty, subdued) combine iolite, tiger eye, and Czech glass in "Alexandrite Fire", with some antiqued copper. 
Eye of the Violet Tiger (I know, it's a stretch)
I love these Czech wheel beads--they remind me of suns more than wheels. I adore this deep tangerine color. In fact, I adore them in many colors as you shall probably see. More iolite here, with dark garnet Czech glass.
That Wheel in the Sky Keeps On Turnin'
This pair sports a set of hoarded Karen Totten stoneware fabulousness--I LOVE those tiny charms! Perfect size for earrings, and they're featherlight which is also great. I've paired them here with more iolite--faceted this time--and Czech glass in "carnelian." Antiqued copper.
Pretend this has a great caption
I picked up a strand of these muted kelly green chubby crosses from Magpie Gemstones. I just love dyed howlite. There's something sort of medieval about the style of the cross--and of course they make me think of tic-tac-toe, Switzerland, and the Red Cross too! I paired them up with flat round peacock pearls, and Czech glass in a Picasso-teal finish. All in all, with the green, something vaguely Irish Monastery about them, if perhaps a little more cheerful.
Happy Hour at Inishmore
I began this pair below with silver filled earwires adorned with Czech glass in "light topaz." I love the delicate straw color. Like whiskey with way way WAY too much water in it. I wanted to keep it kind of tone on tone, and I had a little strand of orange tinted citrine I had never used, so that came next. Amber seemed too bright and nothing else was speaking to me, so I strayed from the straw hues and threw in some pale amethyst.
Sweet Nothings
More chubby crosses, southwest style (being a child of my times, and apparently not very deep, whenever I see southwest crosses I immediately think of the massacre scene in Kill Bill II where poor Beatrix Kiddo and her wedding party are decimated by the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad):
Thinking of David Carradine
I started a lot of these with the beaded earwires in my hand, scrolling through Design Seeds palettes. Sometimes I riffed off what was on the screen, and other times I was inspired to go off on  a tangent. The ones below were me going off on a tangent. It seemed an unusual combination, so I just went with it. Dark amethyst Czech glass, followed by amber, ending with aquamarine.
Tangential Tendencies
Some of these beads are from the very first (and very large) batch of stuff I bought from Fire Mountain when I started this "hobby" back in 2008. I am darn proud of myself for using them, considering how stale they are. Haha.

I also made 12 more pairs of bead-wrapped earwires in brass, copper, and mixed metal over the weekend--on the boat! Turns out you can make a limited amount of jewelry on a boat; the boat just can't be moving, you have to be rather careful, and you have to choose something small and simple to work on because there's no room for crap on a boat. Fortunately the marina where we keep our boat is very, very calm and protected. Otherwise I would have barfed and there would be beads in every nook and cranny of the boat. Along with said barf.

So those 12 pair of earwires will be growing up soon and you'll probably have to look at those on here too. I also hope to do some simple bracelets soon with more of my stash (maybe using some of the same palettes here), and I am waiting for beads to come from Israel (I ordered those a long time ago so I'm not cheating) for a large custom order I am trying to finish. I will share some of those pieces with you after the customer has them in her hot little hands. I also have hopes to make a couple necklaces with some Duane Collins raku. And some Kristi Bowman buttons. Someday. I'm going to try not to hoard them.


  1. Beatiful earrings! I love the fourth pair and Tangential Tendancies. I'm happy to hear you are still using stuff from your own stash! Good for you!!!!

  2. I can not imagine doing anything with beads on a boat, calm water or not. Good on ya! These are great color palettes.

  3. Those are all so pretty - my fav is the first one! love that color combo

  4. Your earrings were almost ignored in favor of the captions!!! I usually run when I see a cross, but "Happy Hour at Inishmore" restored my civility. (You have to know Martin McDonagh’s plays to know what I'm talking about probably.)

  5. All so lovely. Those tangerine Czech wheels look like hard candy. Juicy! Kudos to you for figuring out what you could work on while on the boating.

  6. You describe the earring designs as "nothing revolutionary", yet I would recognize your wicked wire wrapping designs ANYWHERE. It would be impossible for me to pick a favorite, as I would wear every single pair - these are all stunning! You will create jewelry just about anywhere...a boat, a car.... wonderful post today! :)

    1. Thank you Patti! I'm like one of those little old ladies who won't go anywhere without her knitting. I could make earwires all day long.

  7. You are a beauty. But it is loud your beauty and not subdued. ;-) And I love all the ear wires. *Sigh* I wish that I had that talent. And thanks for reminding me that I need to stop buying things and start making. Preparing for a show in less than four weeks will be a whirlwind of UWYH for me. Enjoy the day! Erin

  8. You and I must have had earrings on the brain because I made a mess of them this weekend! And I used things I've collected over the years. I haven't ordered anything in a while.

  9. Wonderful mix color, wonderful shapes, wonderful works... You're so good... Great! - silvia