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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Verdigris Leaf Medallion

Verdigris Medallion
I've had a strand of these Ghanaian brass leaf medallions from Happy Mango Beads forever. I've used them here and there in their natural finish. When I started using patina solutions, it occurred to me to try some of them on these medallions. They took the patina beautifully--every color I've tried, the medallions just soaked it up and looked great. I used a traditional verdigris solution on this from Miss Fickle Media, and sealed it with Vintaj Glaze and a layer of Renaissance Wax. It's very durable.

I combined it with round 2mm leather cording in antique brown from Leather Cord USA, little African jade roundels, recycled glass barrels in sea green (also from Happy Mango Beads), a Czech glass wheel in blue-green, and one of my round coin-impressed charms.

I have two more of these medallions in this color that I am working into a lariat-style necklace. I hope to have that done in the next few days!


  1. I really like your bracelets. The verdigris on this bead (with its open spaces) is really pretty. I like the triple wrap too. And dangles on leather are cool. AND the charm design (not from a coin, is it?). Is there anything I don't like....?

  2. Gorgeous! The verdi patina is beautiful and love the bead!

  3. That verdigris looks great! Way better than the Gilder's paste verdigris! Nice work!

  4. Love the verdigris colors, so perfect with your copper elements and leather. I'm fuming copper in ammonia right now; produces awesome blues. Will have to try my vintaj glaze as a sealer - thanks.

  5. That is stunning! I love the colors - am partial to both copper and verdigris. Your work is wonderful.

  6. Brilliant! I have some of those, and I think they look so much richer with the color on them. Thank you for the inspiration! I am working on a tribal piece inspired by Kenya and I think that this might be just the thing. Enjoy the day. Erin