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Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Circles and a Rectangle

Pottered around the house on Saturday wondering what to do, what to do...Wanted to make some things but didn't feel very good and I was in a lousy mood. Took some Advil, took a long nap, and eventually produced the items below.

Lampwork donut in "Indian Blanket" colors by Outwest. (I just love these!) I was going to do a button thing but I didn't like it and ended up with this. Simpler seemed better given the boldness of the colors of the rings. A little leather cording, some more lampwork and some carnelian. (Turquoise lampwork by Meital, dark red by Pinocean, butterscotch by TheSpacerQueen.
Indian Blanket
Etched lampwork donut below by Outwest in lovely lilac and sage, sort of a modern southwestern palette. I was getting all crazy with it--I MUST have beads that match every color in it!!! But then I changed my mind. Something simpler seemed better and this is what I came up with. Deerskin lacing in chestnut with little seed beads in pale yellow.
Hypnotic Lilac

After I listed these I looked at my shop and I thought "HOLY CRAP LOOK AT ALL THE CIRCLES!!" Circles EVERYWHERE. Every blessed thing in my shop is ROUND. I imagine that has some psychological significance. It really bothered me. I should change the name of my shop to AllCirclesAllDayLong.

So I made something with a rectangle.

This fabulous bracelet bar is by CapturedMoments (I have others--I think I did a little mini bead porn post on these actually). Tried virtually all my hand-dyed silk ribbon with it (from FlameKissedArtGlass--who is currently on vacation) and I liked this "Chameleon" the best. Muted mauve and sage. Threw in some copper, garnet, Crazy Horse Stone and green pearls and called it good. It felt so good to have a pointy shape in my shop for a change. And then it sold. So now I'm back to circles. Time to make another one. I know I have some pointy beads somewhere, or at least some squares. I know I have some triangles. And some stick shape beads. I need to break up the circles with some sticks and triangles. Get ready!


  1. I hate to point out that there are circles even in that bracelet bar. GAH! But what a sweet bracelet it is!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Gorgeous as always! Love those lampwork donuts

  3. lovely post and your jewelry is beautiful!

  4. Fabulous accessories.Especially the first necklace is very nice.The boldness of the colors of the rings makes it different from the bunch.