A chronicle of the meanderings, false starts (which in retrospect, while sort of embarrassing turned out to be highly instructive), epiphanies, selective apathy (still evolving), wild mood swings, opinions (subject to frequent change), and life lessons of an inveterate dabbler (and her latest dabblings).

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Two Faces of Eve

I'm quicksilver. My moods change in an instant. I'm unpredictable.

Must be The Change.

One minute I'm all shabby chic and romantic, and the next minute I'm all modern industrial. Literally, from like one minute to the next.

See, look at this:
You didn't know I could do this, did you? They're all soft and cuddly.

Those weathered copper hearts are by (you guessed it) Shannon at MissFickleMedia. Czech glass lentils in peridot AB finish with little copper pearls. But then you blink and I've gone all Blade-Runner-meets-Mondrian on you:
Completely unsentimental and not particularly romantic. My style exactly.
It was nice for a change to have already-made components. I get so tired of having to make all the parts before I can put them together. I need to train the BF to do that.


  1. Nothing wrong with being unpredictable!!
    Deb x

  2. Beautiful! I guess we all have our hard edge and soft romantic sides, which makes for a little schizophrenia when we create. But, who cares!

  3. the work is beautiful and i know what you mean... sometimes i see an idea on paper and just groan knowing what has to be done to make it real... but then i get going and it's all good... it's nice to be multi-faceted... keeps it from getting boring...

  4. Those heart earrings are awesome!! I would totally wear those :) Great job!!

  5. You do make me giggle Keirsten :0)

  6. Both wonderful - I knew you were a softy at heart! LOL
    Yes, making your own components is a lot of work - but it does make your work truly unique...

  7. Wow - I love both. But I have to say - the wild one is my fav!

  8. Both are really cute! I love them!

  9. I think this is key to always being creatively fulfilled. To hell with branding and creating one style of the same thing over and over. We are multi-faceted women and our moods must be contended with.


    Your earrings are fantastic, I want versions of them for the book.

  10. I often think how nice it would be not to have to make so many of the components I use but then I LOVE doing it too. Instead of half hour or an hour to throw something together it's many hours or even days to make a piece.

    Loving your work..all of it!