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Sunday, February 6, 2011

These Buttons Are Really Pushing My Buttons

My "Buy Now" button!! I must have these.

Cindy Lougee has opened a new Etsy shop---CalDESIGNNaturals "Bits 'n Pieces", and is stocking it with the most fabulous bronze and silver buttons. They are scrumptious! I'm all about buttons these days, and when she told me she was planning to start making some buttons in bronze I thought HURRY!!!! Because I just realized I need them. Just now when you told me you were going to make them. I need them.

Check out the rich patina on these tasty little morsels!!

Round buttons--look at the color!!
Leaf buttons
Triangle buttons
And check out this already-sold (DANG) sweetness:

Flower buttons!--I'm loving these
Fine silver leaf buttons
Fine silver square buttons--are those not cool?
Aren't they gorgeous? Think of the design possibilities...Go to her Facebook fan page and beg her to make more!! I am.