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Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Art Exchange Booty!

Just when I thought that was all she wrote, ANOTHER PACKAGE! This time from Traci Patena. She was all mysterious not enclosing a business card or anything but I Googled her and found her Etsy shop. And her blog. You can hide, but you can't...hide.

She sent me some nifty old-fashioned sort of Currier and Ives style Christmas coasters:

Now I have to buy eggnog--and rum--so I can use them. And some nice furniture. (Coasters are a bit laughable at our house).

She has some ultra cool stuff in her shop. Check this out, happy retro coasters!:

These are business card holders featuring Amy Butler papers:

These are "matchbook albums". I have no idea what you do with them (put your really tiny pictures in them?) but they're cute:

Check out Traci's shop and her blog!

Thanks Traci!!


  1. what a nice surprise!

  2. This is such a fun exchange and I have truly enjoyed seeing your goodies roll in. BTW, we have coasters in our house, some where.