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Friday, July 17, 2009

I Made a Digital Photo Collage

Hey, look what I did! My friend Michelle at Tile Me Beautiful had a cool collage on her blog (or was it Facebook)--I asked her how she did it and she said she used MS Power Point. So I Googled "photo collage PowerPoint" and found this article, followed the instructions, and voila!

As I was going through the article, I saw at the bottom that you can download Picasa for free, and you can do collages on that too. Lorelei Eurto has done some collages of her work with Picasa, and they're neat because they have borders that make them look very tidy. Going to download that when I am home again (I'm at work and I'm not important enough apparently to have "administrative rights" to download software. Hmph.)

Give it a shot.


  1. Keirsten, your collage turned out great. Something I've been wanting to try too...one of these days!!

  2. YAAAAAY! You did it! Look at you go. There are a lot of pictures in that sucker. Very impressive...