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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hardware is Making Me Hyperventilate

And I'm not talking about a smoking motherboard. I was just at the hardware store and I stumbled across some VERY cool little doodads and some truly LUSCIOUS wire. Wire! So long Rio Grande!! So long Fusion Beads!! I'm goin' to ACE. Ace ROCKS. I feel like I'm having a manic episode. So many ideas, so much crap to work with, so little time.

Oh, and then I just had to go over to the thrift store to recon some stuff for this other idea I had (I've gotten on this recycling/cheap supplies kick) and of course they had shitpiles of what I wanted. My head is spinning. Maybe I should call in sick tomorrow and play with my trash. I'm too revolutionary to work.


  1. Of course you're too revolutionary to work! Just tell your boss. I'm sure he or she will understand. I'm sure they'll also let you keep your pay and benefits. I mean, have they seen your shop??? If they're being difficult, give them my number. I'll handle it.